Quality Assurance

We, the employees of Canadian Specialty Metals ULC (dba ASA Alloys / Magna Stainless), are committed to Quality and Excellence in everything we do. Across Canada, our staff is dedicated to providing our customers with superior quality, service and value. Quality, as defined by our customers, is our primary objective. Continuous quality improvement principles are employed to enhance this objective. This policy is supported by ensuring that our staff is provided with the required training, materials and resources, together with the necessary management support, to satisfy our customers requirements.

Canadian Specialty Metals ULC employs a fully integrated ERP software program that allows all of our service centers across the country to manage all aspects of our business. From buying to selling, inventory control to shipping, we have complete visibility through all of our transactions.  Our system allows us to identify every batch of material that comes into our warehouse with a unique log number.  This log number stays with the material until it has been shipped to our customer.  As well as heat lot information from our suppliers, our practice of using a distinct log number allows for complete material traceability the moment it arrives at our door.