Salmon Arm

ASA Alloys Salmon Arm
Canada’s Premier Distributor of Specialty Metals

Our facility at ASA Alloys Salmon Arm allows us to carry a large variety of product and stock ready to fill your requirements. On top of Aluminum and Stainless Steel, we also sell Aerospace Alloys, Nickel, Titanium, Brass and Beryllium Copper.

ASA Alloys Salmon Arm offers the following categories of Aluminum and Stainless Steel in stock.
Note: Salmon Arm is our newest location and is now up and running with a full inventory of products.

• Sheet (3003, 5052, 5083, Pre-Painted White, Anodized [Clear, Bronze & Black], 5005, 6061 Grades) Up to 1/8” Thick
• Plate (5052, 6061 Grades) Up to 1 1/4” Thick
• Flat Bar (Up to 2” thick and up to 8” wide X 12 or 20 FT long)
• Bar (Round up to 24” Diameter), Hex and Square Bar also available **Cut to Size
• Tread Plate (Up to ¼” thick and up to 60” wide X 192” long)
• Angles (Even and Uneven Angles)
• Tube – Round, Square & Rectangle
• Pipe in Schedule 40 & 80
• Custom Shapes also available – call one of our sales reps to find out more

• Sheet (10 GA thick and up to 72” wide X 240” long) MF, #4, #8 and Blend S Finish
• Plate (Up to 1 ¼” thick and up to 72″ wide and 360″ long) **Cut to Size
• Flat Bar – Sheared & Edge and Hot Rolled Flats (304 & 316 Grades)
• Bar (Round up to 24” Diameter), Hex and Square Bar also available **Cut to Size
• Tube – Round, Square & Rectangle (includes MF and 180 Grit Finish)
• Angles (304 & 316 Grades)

• Beryllium Copper C17200
• Safety Grip Strut and Cat Walk
• Expanded (Flat & Raised)
• Perforated Sheet including Galvanized

Our customers tell us we make it difficult on our competitors. They are continually impressed by our inventory selection, our prices and our level of service. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff makes sure we get it right the first time. We offer that personal touch…we listen and deliver. Try us!

For pricing inquiries please contact:

Local: (250) 434-0660
Toll Free: 1 (844) 499-1375


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